So, What is Clasin Classifieds?

Clasin Classifieds is a new website with modern tools that will allow you to create a very attractive ad that will help you sell your items quicker.

And why not say it, Posting is Free

At Clasin Classifieds we don't charge a penny to post any classified.

Take advantage and earn some extra money!!

Maybe you need another way to increase your store sales or you just want to get rid of stuff that's in good shape. Clasin Classifieds is the ideal place to do it.

Clasin Classifieds Benefits

  • It´s very easy to post an ad, just sign in with you Clasin account or with Facebook and Post it!!
  • You can create your ads as atractive as you need them in minutes and you can even include a youtube video.
  • Your ads can be seen from any computer, cell phone or tablet without any problem.
  • Your customers can contact you through our Contact Seller window without them having to know your email.
  • You can share your ad directly from it.

So, Do you want to start selling?

If you have noticed that we can help you, then we would like to invite you to post your first ad..


What are you waiting for? Sell your stuff online today!!